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I’ve been working as a trusted Welder in Riverside County for over 15 years, and can’t think of anything else that would give me the amount of satisfaction I get on a daily basis. As an in-demand Welder, I’m committed to two main principles: providing the highest level of service I can, and ensuring that my prices remain competitive and affordable. This focus on price and service is why so many of my clients are so loyal to me and are happy to recommend me to others.


I have been working in the welding and Fabrication business since I was 16 years old. I take pride in the work I do and the growth I've experienced in the years I have been doing this profession. My love for Off-road and Old Body Style Chevy's has given me a purpose to serve those in the industry. I am looking forward to helping people with their dreams come true when it comes to Off-road.

Kevin Schumacher

Owner/ Operator

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