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Parts and

We make custom parts for 88-98 OBS Chevy trucks. We know these parts are far and few between on the market. We also like to make parts for Baja bugs or even your Ford Rangers. We like to do custom fabrication for your businesses ranging from custom prototyping, design and production. Our work does not stop there we are capable of specializing your flatbed trailers and even Big Rig hauler trailers.

CNC Plasma Cutting

CNC plasma cutting

We offer CNC plasma cutting for any project you have or need. 


We can make the custom parts as well as install these parts on your vehicle, truck or trailer. We can install parts you have purchased for simple standard installs as well. We can do cage installs for UTV's or even upgraded parts for your UTV. We want to make sure you can enjoy your toy or everyday driving vehicle all year long.

Custom Builds

Some people want to do even more than just a standard install and have a specialized truck build. We can create that truck for you to race or enjoy out in the desert, we can even do the race prep for you.

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