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-4 Internal frame ribs

-2 Main frame cover pieces (pre-bent)

-6 Side of frame overlays

-2 Top of frame overlays to fix uneven frame from factory

-2 Diamond shaped landing pad for hoop

- 8 Upper A-arm gussets tabs for stock pivots

(Different upper pivots to lvel arm in the works)

-4 Rear lower A-arm pivot washers to prevent oblonging the factory holes

-4 Front lower A-arm pivot gussets using 1' x.625 4130 tubing

-2 Pivot tube cover plates

-4 Half circle plates to cover top and bottom of frame where coil pocket was

-2 Tie-rod frame notch plates (pre-bent)


***NO REFUNDS once order placed***


**Made to order approximately 3 to 6 weeks lead time. NO refunds once order is placed.**

Coil Bucket Delete Kit

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